What channel is the Monday night football game on? (2023)

What channel is the Monday night football game on?- Tonight's "Monday Night Football" game is important in the picture of the NFL playoffs. The Seahawks face the Vikings at 8:15 pm. rice. ET on ESPN has a chance to steal the NFC West lead and move from #5 to #1 in the NFC playoff standings.

Minnesota will miss Green Bay on Monday night, but it will be a big win for the Vikings even though they are only half a game behind the Packers and three away from home. . Week 13. Play with Confidence. .loser

What channel is the Monday night football game on?

What channel is the Monday night football game on? (1)

The Seahawks were favored Monday night in large part because of Russell Wilson, the first quarterback in NFL history to lead his team to victory in each of his first eight seasons. If the Vikings are upset, chances are their quarterback has continued his good run.

Is there a "Thursday Night Football" game tonight? Nfl Schedule, Afc TV Channels 2023, Nfc Championship

Kirk Cousins ​​has 12 touchdowns in his last five games and a passer rating of 120.8 without a pick. He will miss Adam Thielen, still injured in Seattle, but the quarterback will benefit from the availability of Steven Diggs, who had 121 yards and a touchdown in his last game for the Vikings.

Here's everything you need to know about Monday night's Week 13 game between the Seahawks and Vikings, including start times and TV channels.

In our NFL Week 13 draft versus live and live predictions, the sports news hangs on Monday night in Seattle. Below is an explanation of each option.

Picks against the spread: The Vikings dominated last season's December trip to Seattle 21-7 on Monday night. Kirk Cousins' intermittent offense is much better now than when he rested. Cousins ​​has been a standout in big games this season, including away from home. But it has long been part of Wilson's DNA. All other signs point to Seattle losing the game, but it gives them time to play the ball low to overrated secondary teams that will make the difference in the end.

Abc Monday Night Football Game de Roger Staubach 由 Aurora Incompleto Sin probar

Immediate predictions: Week 13 ends in a tie between NFC playoff contenders, and depending on what happens elsewhere in the NFL on Sunday, the winner of that game will be in the playoff big picture. There may be opportunities for job jumps. The Seahawks have some advantages as the home team with the best quarterback, but a healthy Vikings squad has advantages almost everywhere since the offseason. Darwin Cook will thwart the Seattle defense and Kirk Cousins ​​will pick up another primetime victory.

ESPN (and ABC) has been home to Monday Night Football since its inception in 1970. You can find live coverage of MNF games on ESPN.com or by downloading the ESPN app.

Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland will take calls from the booth. McFarland was a secondary analyst last year but switched to the booth when Jason Witten returned to the Dallas Cowboys after an unpopular season.

What channel is the Monday night football game on? (2)

Lisa Salters returns for season eight as a sideline reporter, and John Perry is the new official analyst for 2019.

Why are there two football games on Monday night? the answer is simple

The Saints (3-5) are ready to host the Ravens (5-3) in what looks to be a solid team showdown. Baltimore has been the better of the two teams this season, but the Ravens also have a tendency to squander opportunities. All three losses this season have been in double digits.

New Orleans, meanwhile, has the worst turnover rate in the NFL at -9. That said, they have the ability to dominate while limiting turnovers, as evidenced by the Raiders' lockout last week. If they manage to get the ball back, they will have a win within the Caesars Superdome friendlies.

Here's everything you need to know about Saints vs. Saints. Ravens ahead of ESPN's NFL Monday Night Football: Broadcast.

The Ravens (5-3) are currently in better shape than the Saints. Baltimore enters Week 9 as the leader in the AFC North. Despite losing most of his guns (JK Dobbins, Rashod Bateman), Lamar Jackson had a solid year. He will be asked to do so in Week 9 against a solid Saints defense.

NFL 'Monday Night Football' Week 10 Game Picks and Predictions

The matchup between Jackson and the offense could be tough, but Baltimore's defense is in a better position. New Orleans quarterback Andy Dalton is primetime and has been playing primetime for years. He hit two 6s in his last primetime game in Week 7, so Baltimore's defense needs to be ready to capitalize on his turnovers.

Despite Dalton's underwhelming primetime presence, he has been a solid reserve starter for the Saints. He's been throwing the ball a lot to Alvin Kumara, and he'll have to do it again with the Ravens' better defense, which would allow Tyus Bowser to make his season debut and possibly after Roqueen Smith's acquisition. . Deadlines will be defined.

The Saints (3-5) need a win to stay in the NFC South Open. They were ranked #1 against the Falcons in Week 9.

What channel is the Monday night football game on? (3)

The Saints-Ravens match should start at 20:15. that. All Monday Night Football games in 2022 will start at this time.

ESPN's Monday Night Football draws more than 12.4 million viewers, generating 9% year-over-year viewership growth

New Orleans is in the Central Time Zone, which is one hour behind the Eastern Time Zone, so the start time is 7:15 PM. rice. local time

The game will be broadcast on ESPN. Joe Buck (live) and Troy Aikman (analyst) will be in the booth during the call, with Lisa Salters serving as a sideline reporter.

Week 9 airs an episode of Payton and Eli's Monday Night Football. Another "Manning Cast" starring Peyton and Eli Manning will air on ESPN2.

"Monday Night Football" will air on ESPN in week 9 and, for those who want to tune in to the "Manningcast", ESPN2, but there are other ways for viewers to catch the game on cable.

A fan applauds an ABC Monday Night Football banner as members of the New England Patriots warm up on the field before the final Monday Night Football game

NFL fans who subscribe to the cable channel can watch games for free on ESPN.com or the ESPN app. ESPN+ subscribers can watch the game on ESPN.

In Canada, fans can watch games on TSN 1/3/4, RDS 2 or DAZN, which broadcasts all NFL games.

Ravens vs Saints will air on ESPN and ESPN2 in the US, but there are other places to find the game.

What channel is the Monday night football game on? (4)

"Monday Night Football" will also be available to stream to cable subscribers on the ESPN app and ESPN.com. Those without cable can still watch the game on ESPN+ by subscribing to the streaming service.

25 NFL Game Schedule for 2023 ESPN's 24: More Monday Night Football games than ever before, multiple playoff games, flexible scheduling, plus more exclusive league games, draft teams, storylines

Cord-cutters will also be able to watch the Monday night games on fuboTV, which offers a free trial. In addition to CBS, Fox and the NFL Network, FuboTV also owns the ESPN network series, giving fans the opportunity to watch football all season long. Location. Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night games are broadcast nationally, so when they put together the annual schedule, they usually choose the year the NFL plays.

That's not to say that every game will be one of the best matchups of the week. No one can predict a balanced NFL career year after year. But at least prime time is filled with great games, as long as each team plays to its potential and avoids injuries.

Typically, Fox and the NFL Network will air "Thursday Night Football", NBC will continue to air "Sunday Night Football", and ESPN will continue to air "Monday Night Football". The decade will go on.

This year, the Packers, Bears, Saints, Buccaneers, Seahawks, Cowboys and Colts have the most primetime games. They appear in all five. The Cowboys also had the honor of playing three different games on Thursday (including Thanksgiving), two of which will air on Fox and one on NBC.

Who's playing "Monday Night Football" tonight? NFL Week 10 schedules, TV channels, and game times

Below is the full primetime TV schedule for the 2021 NFL season, including start times and channels for all Thursday, Sunday and Monday night games.

Fox will host "Thursday Night Football" games for the 2021 NFL season. This will mark its final year as a Thursday night show, as Amazon will retain exclusive rights to the show through 2022.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will again headline Fox broadcasts, while Amazon Prime will be joined by Andrea Kramer and Hannah Storm (Hannah Storm's alternative broadcast team to provide live streaming online. TNF games can also be streamed on fuboTV, which offers a 7-day free trial.

What channel is the Monday night football game on? (5)

NBC airs "Sunday Night Football" for the 15th straight year. Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth will answer the call and have the opportunity to continue live.

How to watch NFL Monday Night Football Vikings with Bears: channel, current, time

What's on Monday Night Football tonight? What channel is Monday Night Football on? Tonight which channel is monday night football which channel is monday night football tonight which channel is monday night football which channel is monday night football night live tv show which channel is monday night football tonight

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