What channel is the Cowboys game on tonight? (2023)

What channel is the cowboy game on tonight?– What channel is the Dallas Cowboys game on today? (10/30/22) NFL Week 8 vs Bears Live Stream, Time & Free TV

Sunday, October 30, 2022 (2022-10-30) ).

What channel is the cowboy game on tonight?

What channel is the Cowboys game on tonight? (1)

Fans can watch the game for free by trying out fuboTV or DirecTV Stream or Sling with a 50% discount for the first month.

How to watch Cowboys Rams: start time, TV information, plot and more

BEARS NOTES: QB JUSTIN FIELDS had 261 yards (179 passing, 82 rushing) and 2 touchdowns (1 pass, 1 rushing), up from last week's 85.2. He is one of only 2 quarterbacks (Lamar Jackson) in the Class of 2022 to have 2 games with 80+ yards. He has three straight games of 80+ yards and six games of 45+ yards. As of 2021, he ranks fourth among quarterbacks in rushing yards with 784. • RB DAVID MONTGOMERY rushed for a career-high 62 yards and 23 touchdowns last week. He was on target for the 3rd and 14th straights on the road with the fast Destroyer over 50 meters from the restart. In the last game, he rushed for 86 yards. • RB KHALIL HERBERT had 87 rushing yards (62 rushing, 25 receptions) and his first career TD reception came in Week 7. Four of his last five carries were for more than 70 yards. Herbert (526 yards) and Montgomery (421 yards) are one of only two RB duos (Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard) each with 400+ yards in 2022. • WR DARNELL MOONEY led the team with 53 yards. m last week. His goal is to finish fourth on the road and finish fifth by 50+. Distance in Yards • LB ROQUAN SMITH led the team in Week 7 with 12 tackles, 1 sack and INT. He's looking for a third with 10+ hits and an RBI. He leads the NFL with 78 receptions and has eight or more receptions in each of his first seven games in 2022. • LB ROBERT QUINN had his second TFL of the season last week. He has 11.5 sacks and 14 TFLs in 14 games with Dell. 2019. • DB EDDIE JACKSON fired at last meeting. He has five or more hits in his last seven and six saves on the road. • DB JAQUAN BRISKER (rookie) had 7 career tackles and 1 interception in Week 7. He ranks third among rookies with 42 tackles and is on target for his seventh consecutive tackle with more than five tackles. • DB KYLER GORDON (rookie) threw his first career interception last week.

Cowboys Notes: QB DAK PRESCOTT was 19-of-25 (76 percent) for 207 yards and TD against 0 INT in Week 7, 113.3. As of 2020, he has 3,646 passing yards (280.5 yards per game) and 33 touchdowns (29 TDs). , 4 passing) against 5 INT with a 108.4 rating in 13 home matches. Over 100 points have been scored in 5 of the last 6 home games. 334 touchdown yards last game. • RB EZEKIEL ELLIOTT had 2 rushing yards in Week 7, his 13th career game with 2+ rushing yards last week and 3rd most in the NFL since 2016. Last game rushed for 81 yards and 2 touchdowns. In his last home game, he had 160 yards (140 rushing, 20 rushing). • RB TONY POLLARD led the team to a season-high 109 yards (83 rushing, 26 stops) last week. It was his seventh career game with over 100 yards. He has rushed for 50 or more yards 5 of his last 6 times. • Team led by WR CEEDEE LAMB had 70 tackles. m last week. Aim for 7 consecutive referrals out of 50+. Five of the last six games have had hits of more than 5 yards. • LB MICAH PARSONS has 20 yards in 23 career games in Week 7 and is tied for third most in 20 points since 1982. TFL 25+ (28) and 20+ sacks through 2021. • DE DORANCE ARMSTRONG had 3 FRs career last week. Armstrong and Parsons are the only NFC teammates in 2022 with five or more sacks apiece. • DEMARCUS LAWRENCE earned his 1st FF and 2nd FR of the season last week. • DE SAM WILLIAMS (rookie) had 1.2 spots last week, 1st FF and 2nd FR. • CB TREVON DIGGS scored his 17th career INT last week, tying Dwight Hicks for the second time since 1970 at 1.35 per game. • S DONOVAN WILSON scored on his third consecutive sack. – NFL Connections

All live streams are from the local market only, and out-of-market fans can watch all games with the NFL Sunday Ticket. Find out which games are available in your local market here.

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Dallas Cowboys Brett Maher Got Yips? See how to overcome the problem

We may receive compensation if you purchase products or register an account through links on our website. What channel is the Dallas Cowboys vs. Packers? (11/22/13) Free Live Stream, Schedule, TV, Odds, Tips, NFL Week 10 Updates

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Ezekiel Elliott will face the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. (AP Photo | Ron Jenkins) AP

The Dallas Cowboys, led by quarterback Dak Prescott, take on the Dallas Cowboys, led by quarterback Aaron Rodgers, in the NFL Week 10 NFC Football Game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay on Sunday, November 13, 2022. Green Bay Packers (11) / 13/2022) ). , Wisconsin.

What channel is the Cowboys game on tonight? (2)

Fans can watch Cowboys-Packers for free by trying fuboTV or DirecTV Stream or Sling for 50% off the first month. The game started at 4:25 pm. Aliens on Fox.

What channel is the Dallas Cowboys game on today? (10/16/22) Week 6 of free live TV channels streaming. eagles

Swap players to watch: It's the first road game of the season for quarterback Dak Prescott, who was sidelined with a thumb injury to his pitcher in the season-opening five-game loss to Tampa Bay. He's 24-18 on the road with 12 shutouts, second most in the NFL since joining the league in 2016. Dallas went 4–1 without Prescott, but the offense was tough. The best performance of the season came in Prescott's second game against the Bears before halftime.

Packers Player to Watch: Quarterback Aaron Rodgers tied a Detroit career record with three interceptions, two of which were penalties. The four-time MVP will look to make amends on Sunday by defeating Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy, who coached the Packers through the 2010 season when Rodgers won his only Super Bowl.

Key games: Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard vs. Packers in charge of defense. Elliott had limited practice on Wednesday and is questionable for Sunday's game. Elliott is hoping to play for the first time since Oct. 23, when he returned from a knee injury. Pollard came up behind Elliott, rushing for 131 yards and three touchdowns against the Bears. The Cowboys need to feel confident they can take the ball away from Green Bay's defense, which allowed 4.8 yards per carry on the 24th.

Serious Injury: Cowboys LB Anthony Barr (hamstring) is out. Barr kept pace by running behind quick Chicago quarterback Justin Fields. ... Cowboys S Malik Hooker (thigh) and rookie Desam Williams (knee) will return after missing the Chicago game. ... Packers OLB Rashan Gary (knee) was injured in Detroit and will miss the rest of the season. ... Packers WR Randall Cobb (ankle) is on the bench and will lose his fourth straight game. ... Packers WR Romeo Doubs (ankle) and CB Eric Stokes (ankle/knee) were injured in Detroit and will miss Sunday. ... Packers LB De'Vondre Campbell (knee) and CB Shemar Jean-Charles (ankle) are out for the second straight week. ... Packers LB Krys Barnes (concussion) is questionable. ... Packers OT David Bakhtiari (knee) and WR Amari Rodgers (hamstring) are questionable ... Aaron Rodgers is still out with a right thumb injury, although he hasn't missed a game.

Eagles v Cowboys Week 18 Watch Guide: Live Stream, NFL Odds & More

Series Notes: The Packers have won eight of their last nine games. The streak includes two NFC playoff wins, a 26-21 win at Lambeau Field in 2014 and a 34-32 road win in 2016. Dallas' only win during that span came in the 2016 regular season, a 30-16 victory over Green Bay. Prescott threw for three touchdowns, and Elliott rushed for 157 yards, two yards short of his career high. This will be the first meeting between Matt LaFleur and McCarthy as head coaches. McCarthy went 125-77-2 in 13 seasons as head coach of Green Bay before being fired in 2018.

Stats and stuff: McCarthy returned to Green Bay, where he led the Packers to a Super Bowl victory to end the 2010 season. They beat the Cowboys at home. McCarthy was fired during the 2018 season and was signed by Dallas in 2020. Green Bay is the only team McCarthy has not dealt with. A win would give him at least one regular season victory over all but Pittsburgh, the team he defeated in the Super Bowl. McCarthy's next regular season victory will be his 150th, passing Bill Caul for 23rd on the roster. ... The Cowboys have allowed at least 200 net passing yards this season. In 10 games with Dallas, Rodgers averages 16 carries for 261 yards

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