[SOLVED] Roku AirPlay not working | latest technology (2023)

Who doesn't like to spend time with the family, keep memories, watch series and movies together and even play good music?


Well, that's how we spend our time with them. But whatever scenario you decide to view vacation photos, videos from any occasion, etc., you'll need AirPlay to stream and control Apple content.

Also, it will piss you off if it's not working on your Roku, if you're looking for how to fix Roku AirPlay not working, we've got you covered!


How to Fix Roku AirPlay Not Working?

While AirPlay is one of the most exciting features on Apple devices, if it doesn't work on Roku, you're in trouble.

To fix them, you need to understand the cause and how the corresponding solution will work. Therefore, perform each method to logically solve the problem.

Method 1 - Check Roku AirPlay Version

One of the main reasons why Apple Apple doesn't work on Roku is that the latter doesn't support AirPlay. Yes, you heard right. AirPlay is only supported in later versions so if your device is out of date then you will not be able to use the feature.

In addition, youriOSYou must also use12.3version or higher. Also, if you are on a Mac, you should use theMojave 10.14.5Very high.

Check your Roku TV version

  • Press the Home button on the Roku remote and navigate to Settings.
  • Click on System and go to About on the right panel.
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  • After opening About, you will see details about your Roku device, including the version.

Check macOS version

  • Click on the Apple logo and select About This Mac from the drop-down menu.
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It will display the macOS version and other details.

Check the iOS version

  • Open iPhone settings and go to General.
  • Choose About.
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Now it will open your device specs where you can check your iOS version.

It will show your Roku TV version. Must be version 9.4 or later to support AirPlay; otherwise, you'll have to use a third-party app.

Method 2: Enable or AirPlay on Roku TV

If your Roku TV supports v9.4, you're safe. Your device supports the AirPlay feature; however, the problem could be that the feature is disabled on your TV. Therefore, you must activate it to run the process.

  • Press the Home button on your Roku TV remote and select Settings from the left pane
  • Navigate to Apple AirPlay and HomeKit in the right pane
  • Click on AirPlay and turn it on

Now, you need to restart your device and check if it works. However, if not, the following methods may help.

Method 3 – Enable Fastboot non-Roku TV

However, Fast TV Start looks like a voice assistant, but its functionality comes into play when you want to stream from other devices. So if you have issues with Roku AirPlay not working then the feature will be disabled. Therefore, you must activate it!


Enable TV Fastboot on Roku TV

  • Go to Roku's home page and navigate to its settings.
  • Click on System and go to Power.
  • If not selected, click the Enable "TV Fast Startup" checkbox.

Enable TV Fastboot on Roku Streambar

  • Press the Home button on the Roku remote and select Settings from the left pane
  • Select System in the right pane and go to Power
  • Navigate to Fast TV Start and click the checkbox that says Fast TV Start to enable it

Once you've done that, try again and the issue will be resolved.

If your Roku shows that the feature is on, then something else is to blame.

Method 4 - Roku System Reset

Another cause of Roku AirPlay error messages is usually just a temporary glitch. As a general rule, you can resolve it by restarting your Apple device. However, you will also have to restart your Roku system.

  • Go to the Roku homepage and click on Settings.
  • Select System in the right panel and go to Power.
  • In it, click on Reboot System and select Reboot.

Then check if Roku AirPlay will start working.


Method 5 – Reboot the router

A poor internet connection can cause streaming such as Roku AirPlay to not work. Therefore, if you suspect that your network is unstable, restart your router and reconnect to the device.

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Method 6 - Reset Roku Network Connection

Often, a misconfigured or broken Roku network connection can also cause various errors and conflict with optimal Roku performance.

Similarly, Apple AirPlay not working with Roku error is one of them. To fix this, you'll need to reset your Roku's network connection.

  • Go to the Roku homepage and click on Settings.
  • Select System and open Advanced System Settings.
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  • Go to Reset Network Connection and select Reset Connection.

Once the connection is re-established, we recommend restarting Roku so that the changes take effect and AirPlay now works properly.


Method 7 – Make sure your devices are connected to the same network

According to our tests, one of the main causes of the Roku AirPlay not working error is that the two devices are not connected to the same network.

Your Roku and iOS/macOS device must be on the same WiFi. So if you haven't set it up yet, set it up first. Also, it's always best to make sure they're on the same network.

Check or Wi-Fi connected not Roku

  • Turn on Roku Home and go to Settings.
  • Go to Network and click About.

Check Connected Wi-Fi on iOS

  • Go to "Settings" and enable "Wi-Fi".
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Check the connected Wi-Fi on your Mac

  • Hover over your Mac's menu bar and click on the WiFi icon.
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In each of them you will see the Wi-Fi network you are connected to. Your Apple device and Roku must be on a shared network for AirPlay to work.

Method 8: Update Roku

If your Roku is running an outdated operating system, it can prevent you from using the latest features and working efficiently. Therefore, you should check for updates and install them if available.


  • Press the Home button on the Roku remote.
  • Go to Settings and then to System.
  • Click on Roku System Update and press Check Now button.
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Your TV will automatically start checking for updates. If so, it will ask you to download it. Also, after downloading, the update will install automatically and your TV will restart. After that, try again and your problem will be solved.

Method 9: Reset Paired Devices on Apple Devices

Many of you have multiple Smart TVs at home or even more than one Apple device. In this case, it's clear that a different TV is paired with Roku.

This makes it very likely that the Roku and Apple devices you want to use are not paired with each other, but with each other.

So you need to disconnect and reconnect the network between paired devices by resetting them. This will fix Apple AirPlay not working on Roku.


Method 10: Factory Reset Roku TV

If none of the above methods work, your Roku is experiencing a technical error for a variety of reasons. In that case, you can reset it to factory defaults to get it working.

  • Go to the Roku homepage and select Settings.
  • Open System and click Advanced.
  • Now select factory reset.
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Roku TV will ask you to confirm your command to start the process. This will take some time to complete and all your data will be deleted.

Also, you need to update your software to the latest version before trying again as this will downgrade the software. However, it will fix AirPlay and similar bugs on Roku.

Method 11: Contact Roku Support

If you don't want to reset your Roku, contact ussupport yearSolve them with your problems. An officer will contact you or any other forum member shortly.


common problem

Why doesn't AirPlay work with Roku?

There are several reasons why AirPlay does not work with Roku. However, the most common issues are poor internet connections or misconfigured network settings. Also, this feature will not work if your Apple device and Roku are on different networks.

Why can't I cast to my Roku TV?

If you are unable to cast to your Roku TV, make sure the device you want to cast to is also on the same network as your Roku.

Why is my Roku not mirroring the screen?

If the feature is disabled on your smartphone and Roku, your Roku will not display the mirror. So, open it and fix the problem.

Summary: Roku AirPlay not working

If you are looking for how to fix Roku AirPlay not working, you have the answer! You can check if it is enabled. Then make sure your device is up to date. If everything is ok, check if both devices are using a shared connection.

Also, if basic troubleshooting doesn't help you reset your paired device on iOS/macOS, please do a factory reset of your Roku or contact Roku support. All these solutions are tested and work. Validity depends on what caused the error.

I hope this helps! Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions!

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