NFL Monday Night Football TV Schedule - Divine (2023)

NFL Monday Night Football TV Schedule– Most games on the 2021 NFL schedule will be televised in prime time. Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night games are broadcast nationally, so when they curate their schedule each year, they usually pick a few NFL games.

This doesn't mean that every game will be one of the best games of the week. No one can predict the final outcome of the NFL year after year. But at least prime time is filled with big games, as long as each team lives up to its potential and avoids injuries.

NFL Monday Night Football TV Schedule

NFL Monday Night Football TV Schedule - Divine (1)

Naturally, Fox and NFL Network will air "Thursday Night Football", NBC will continue to air "Sunday Night Football", and ESPN will continue to air "Monday Night Football".

Featuring NBC's Sunday Night Football Schedule

The Packers, Bears, Saints, Buccaneers, Seahawks, Cowboys and Colts all had great games this year. They will appear in five people, respectively. The Cowboys also received the rare honor of playing three different games on Thursday (including Thanksgiving), two of which will air on Fox and one on NBC.

Below is the full primetime TV schedule for the 2021 NFL season, including start times and channels for all Thursday, Sunday and Monday night games.

Fox will host "Thursday Night Football" games for the 2021 NFL season. This will mark its final year as a Thursday night broadcast, as Amazon will retain exclusive rights to the show through 2022.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will once again host Fox broadcasts via Amazon Prime Live Online and phone with Andrea Kramer and the Hannah Storm backup broadcast team. TNF games can also be streamed on fuboTV, which offers a 7-day free trial.

Who's playing "Monday Night Football" tonight? NFL Week 16 game times, TV channels and schedule

NBC airs "Sunday Night Football" for the 15th straight year. Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth will be on the phone and have the chance to announce some of the best weekly NFL games. SNF games can be streamed on or via fuboTV, which offers a 7-day free trial.

ESPN has been the home of "Monday Night Football" since 2006, and for the first time in a long time, the network will have its own broadcast team. Steve Levy, Louis Riddick and Brian Greiss will enter their second year hosting MNF as part of the three-person stand. Monday Night Football games can be streamed via the ESPN app or via fuboTV, which offers a 7-day free trial. ESPN will broadcast 23 NFL games during the 2022 NFL season, including 21 regular season games, the Super Wild Card game and the Monday Night Pro Bowl, marking The Walt Disney Company's longest NFL season to date. . The regular season record is 18

Game, two games in one night on ESPN and ABC in Week 2, Game 1 Special on ESPN+ in Week 8 and Saturday Champions in Week 18, playoffs on ESPN and simulcast on ABC. ABC will replicate ESPN beyond Week 2 and Week 18 games

NFL Monday Night Football TV Schedule - Divine (2)

MVP, quarterback and recent Super Bowl champion, along with veteran broadcasters Joe Barker and Troy Aikman, headlined ESPN in its first season.

New York Giants vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (November 2, 2020): How to Watch Monday Night Football, Time, TV Channel, Live Stream for Free

After breaking ESPN's TV ratings record for the first game of 2021, the reserve will return for 10 games in his second season.

ESPN's expanded roster of sports is the result of a long-term rights agreement between ESPN, the NFL and The Walt Disney Company in March 2021.

The 2022 campaign kicked off on the Megacast edition of ESPN, with Russell Wilson returning to Seattle in Week 1 (September 12) at quarterback for the Broncos. The ESPN talk will air on ABC, and

Lily Blum lives in New York City and is a senior broadcaster on ESPN's NFL portfolio. The NFL Network is not one of the networks that airs one of three games a week in prime time. Instead, Amazon's streaming service Prime is getting in on the action and will be home to "Thursday Night Football."

25 NFL Game Schedule for 2023 ESPN's 24: More Monday Night Football games than ever before, multiple playoff games, flexible scheduling, plus more exclusive league games, draft teams, storylines

Additionally, several popular broadcasters including Al Michaels, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman have moved into the new booth and will now be heard on networks other than their former home on NBC and Fox. Michaels will now stream on Amazon, while Buck Aikman will join ESPN's "Monday Night Football." Mike Tirico and Chris Collinsworth are now the "Sunday Night Football" duo on NBC.

Below is the full schedule of 2022 primetime games, including the start times for all Thursday, Sunday and Monday night games.

This will be the first year that Amazon Prime will be the exclusive home of "Thursday Night Football," which previously aired on Fox.

NFL Monday Night Football TV Schedule - Divine (3)

Al Michaels, who will join NBC's Amazon booth, will join ESPN's college football analyst Kirk Herbstreet for play-by-play, providing color commentary as two new anchors.

Where to watch 'Thursday Night Football' online without cable

NBC will once again be the local broadcaster of Sunday Night Football for the 16th consecutive season. This year, however, the broadcast team will have Tirico play-by-play, with Collinsworth providing color commentary and Melissa Stark reporting from the sidelines.

Sunday Night Football games can be streamed on, the NBC Sports app, Peacock or fuboTV with a free trial.

When ESPN hired Buck and Aikman to work on "Monday Night Football", ESPN made one of the biggest moves of the broadcast era, pulling them away from Fox. Buck will officiate each game while Ekman will provide color commentary.

Week 2 will feature two games, one on ESPN and one on ABC.

NFL TV Ratings Page 2022 Edition

Watch Monday Night Football on the ESPN app, ESPN+ or on fuboTV with a free trial. ESPN+ will also have exclusive coverage of the October 30 game between the Broncos and Jaguars in London. .9:30 AM. ET.ESPN and The Walt Disney Company's 2023-24 "NFL on ESPN" schedule expands to a company-record 25 games (23 regular season games plus two postseason games) and includes several enhancements. Followers now have 20

Three weeks (Weeks 2, 3, and 14) of games and a multi-game night (ESPN+ABC), the show kicks off in Week 12, ESPN's Division 1 game.

ESPN+ International Exclusive (Week 4), Week 18 Playoff Doubles, Monday Night Super Wild Card Game,

NFL Monday Night Football TV Schedule - Divine (4)

, joined in the last two years, is making a comeback. Schedule improvements include the addition of high-profile teams, exact matches, and headlines.

Monday Night Football Schedule for the 2023 NFL Season

In addition to exclusive games and shows, 20 games will air on ESPN, 11 on ABC and several more on ESPN+. The 12-game stretch on ESPN+ is by far the most consistent schedule in the NFL. All games are televised in Spain, mainly on ESPN Deportes. Follow the full details.

The enhanced programming is the result of a historic agreement between The Walt Disney Company/ESPN and the NFL announced in March 2021. As part of the agreement, ESPN and ABC will air the Super Bowl after the 2026 and 2030 seasons.

Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Lisa Salters and John Parry will headline ESPN's Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Lisa Salters and John Parry.

Together for the second consecutive year. For Buck and Aikman, season two on ESPN marks the 22nd straight year the pair have appeared on the booth together. Lisa Salters is starting her 12th day

NFL Monday Night Football TV Schedule: Green Bay Packers vs Green Bay Packers Time, Philadelphia Eagles Channel (November 28, 2016); live, watch online

Season, the most prolific writer in the franchise's 50+ year history. John Parry returns for his fourth season.

I currently oversee ESPN's NFL communications, including Monday Night Football, the NFL Draft, and studio programming. In the past, I've done the same thing for the big college football teams on ESPN. I've been on ESPN since 2013. "Monday Night Football" is one of the most controversial events of the 2021 NFL season. Week 4 will mark the third consecutive week that two divisional rivals are tied in important games. The only game without a divisional opponent is the Week 1 Raiders matchup. crow.

Both teams are from the AFC West for Week 4 of Monday Night Football. Their combined record is 5-1, and the winner will get a shot at the top of the division later on Monday night.

NFL Monday Night Football TV Schedule - Divine (5)

Neither team matters, but the Chargers, who just moved from Kansas City, will host Monday night's game. It will be played at Sophie Stadium in Inglewood, California. They are looking to hand the Raiders their first loss of the 2021 NFL season.

Who's playing "Monday Night Football" tonight? NFL Week 17 game schedules, TV channels and schedule

Here's everything you need to know about ESPN's Week 4 "Monday Night Football" games, including start times and more.

The Chargers face the Raiders on Monday Night Football in Week 4. The Chargers are 2-1 on the season and beat the Chiefs 30-24 in Kansas City. They are practically 3-0 on the season and could even be in the division with the Raiders and Broncos if they don't make some stupid mistakes against the Cowboys.

Speaking of invaders,

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