Here's how to watch Dallas Cowboys games wirelessly (2023)

Here's how to watch Dallas Cowboys games wirelessly (1)

Are you a Dallas Cowboys fan who recently decided to cut the cord? You are not alone as more and more fans are flocking to online streaming services which are the best way to watch Cowboys games wirelessly.

NFL Pass is also a solid option, but streaming services generally offer more value due to additional content and features. Finally, you can watch Dallas Cowboys games wirelessly for free using your digital TV antenna.

We'll be covering all of these display methods, so stay tuned.

The Free Option: Is It Feasible?

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  • The Free Option: Is It Feasible?
  • The best streaming options to watch Dallas Cowboys games
    • FuboTV
    • Watch Dallas Cowboys games on Sling TV
    • hello live
    • DAZN
    • Acceso a total of a CBS
  • NFL fans rejoice

Most people in the United States have ditched their digital television antennas and subscribed to cable television. However, antennas have come a long way over the years and now have a much better range and cleaner picture.

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This method is completely free if you already have a suitable antenna. With this setup you can receive local and main channels. Of course, the effectiveness of the OTA method also depends heavily on your location.

Your location can be an issue if you're also streaming, so the antenna can come in handy if your subscription doesn't have some local channels. You can work around any location-based streaming issues by using aVPNService.

ExpressVPNoffers the fastest and most secure connection to thousands of server locations. It's great if you want to watch Dallas Cowboys games from abroad or from rural areas with poor signal and internet coverage.

As a final piece of advice in this section, you should avoid using illegal streaming websites and apps as they are often unreliable, malware-ridden and violate copyright laws.

Here's how to watch Dallas Cowboys games wirelessly (2)
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The best streaming options to watch Dallas Cowboys games

The first logical choice for streaming an NFL game is theNFL Game Pass. Follow our link to the official website and sign up for free. Since this option is time-limited, we've saved it for this section. NFL Game Pass is valid until March 31stcall upJuly 2020, also hello is dir.

There is another limitation for the free plan. You can only watch NFL games from 2019 on it. However, the annual Pro plan, which covers live games and on-demand content for 2020, is only $9.99 (for now). However, if you want to watch more than just the NFL, check out the best streaming alternatives below.


FuboTV is one of the best sports streaming platforms out there, and Cowboys fans have a lot to look forward to from Fubo. There are many regional and local channels covering the NFL. That means they are Fox, CBS, NBC, NFL Network, Pac-12, Big Ten, and local channels that vary based on the user's location.

FuboTV is the right choice for you if you are a sports fanatic who wants to cut the cord. Visit thewebsitefor more details and current prices. Note that Fubo has a DVR that you can use to record Cowboys games for later.

Along with a fantastic range of channels (around 100), Fubo also offers excellent device compatibility. You can stream Fubo on Fire OS, iOS, Android, Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV devices. There is a free trial option for all new Fubo users. Use it to get a better idea of ​​the service.

Watch Dallas Cowboys games on Sling TV

Sling TV is another popular choice for NFL fans as it offers tons of exciting sports content. That means it owns the ABC, Fox, and NBC local networks. Also included are NFL Red Zone, ESPN and the NFL Network channels.

It is better to visit Sling TVswebsitefor detailed information on available packages. Sling offers top-notch service at a low price, even without the plugins. There's also a trial option, so be sure to try Sling TV for yourself.

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With Sling TV, you can watch Cowboys games on select smart TVs, gaming consoles, desktop browsers, Android and iOS phones and tablets, Chromecast, and Roku. You can also use the Sling TV DVR and record up to ten hours of Cowboys games or upgrade to more cloud storage.


ATT TV NOW used to be DirecTV, for those wondering. This fantastic streaming service offers quality content, albeit at a slightly higher price. It's a true cable replacement and offers excellent coverage of the NFL.

Channels included in the basic package include Fox, CBS, NBC and ABC, and ESPN. ask the officerwebsitefor more details and pricing information. Like other streaming services, it has a free trial period. There is also free DVR storage which is great for recording gameplay to watch later.

You can watch Dallas Cowboys through the ATT TV NOW apps for Chromecast, Smart TVs, Amazon Fire devices, Apple devices, Android devices, and Roku. They also offer streaming via computer browsers from the official website.

hello live

Without Hulu Live, no discussion about the streaming service can take place. In addition to the local stations ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, ESPN is also there. You can watch almost every Cowboys game except Thursday nights (since Hulu Live doesn't have the NFL Network.

Hulu Live also offers a free trial, so give it a try.for. Besides the NFL, you can also watch the NBA, NHL, Premier League and many other top-tier sports leagues. Hulu Live also has many news and entertainment channels.

Hulu Live has excellent device compatibility (phone, tablet, Roku, Smart TV, Chromecast, and even the latest gaming consoles). The DVR is there too, so don't worry about missing a Cowboys game. If you like Disney, you should also check out the Disney packages.

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DAZN is a Canadian sports meganetwork that has it all. As you're more into NFL content, you'll be happy to know that DAZN offers NFL Sunday Ticket, NFL Red Zone and NFL Game Pass. You get all the football action with one subscription.

With DAZN, you can watch Cowboys on mobile, tablet, computer, gaming consoles and streaming devices (Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV). Although the service is Canadian, it is available throughout the United States.

DAZNIt currently has a one month free trial so make sure you use it. Unfortunately, DAZN does not currently support a DVR. In addition to American football, you can also see soccer, martial arts and much more.

Acceso a total of a CBS

Finally, there's a relatively new streaming platform you can try, CBS All Access. Since a sizable chunk of NFL games airs on CBS, it makes sense. It's a very cheap and flimsy streaming service that only offers CBS content.

In addition to sports, you can watch the news and many original shows from CBS. Visit CBS All Accesswebsitefor more details and of course the free trial version. For such a small platform, it supports surprisingly large devices (computer browsers, gaming consoles, macOS and iOS devices, Android devices, smart TVs, and Fire devices).

Here's how to watch Dallas Cowboys games wirelessly (3)

NFL fans rejoice

Streaming services put NFL fans at the top of their priority list. You can't go wrong with any of the above options as they all offer multiple ways to watch Dallas Cowboys games. NFL Game Pass is also great and shouldn't be overlooked.

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Do you like other teams or do you strictly follow the Dallas Cowboys? Who are your favorite Cowboys players of all time? Have you decided on a streaming option yet? Let us know in the comments section.


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