FuboTV Channel List 2022: What Channels Are On FuboTV? | Cable cutter news (2023)

FuboTV Channel List 2022: What Channels Are On FuboTV? | Cable cutter news (1)

As one of the only services offeredLive game streams in 4K, FuboTV is a big hit with die-hard sports fans. But that's not the only reason; FuboTV also offers a wide selection of sports channels that many viewers would fall in love with. It not only focuses on sports but also offers a wide range of news and entertainment channels, making it a perfect alternative to cable.

ServicesFamily Plan (Basic Plan)it offers more than 100 channels, which is impressive considering that other services often have more than 50 channels with a basic package. Before you decide to subscribe, though, make sure this impressive array of channels will fit your streaming needs. This post takes a look at FuboTV's channel lineup so you can decide if this is the right service for you. You can find a complete description of the service in ourFuboTV review.

FuboTV Plans and Pricing Comparison

FamilyElitefubo latino
Monthly price64,99 $79,99 $29,99 $
number of channels11115632
Popular ChannelsABC, AMC, beIN SPORTS, ESPN, FOXABC, AMC, beIN SPORTS, ESPN, FOXbeIN SPORTS, ESPN Sports, FOX Sports, Nat Geo World, TUDN

The full list of FuboTV channels

FuboTV's channel lineup, while popular with sports fans, is diverse enough to replace cable. It offers a solid selection of entertainment, kids, lifestyle and news channels, as well as sports. There is something for everyone. And many of its channels come from major television networks like ABC, BBC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC.

  • emergencies
  • a B C
  • abc news live
  • red ACC
  • AMC
  • american heroes channel
  • animal planet
  • BBC America
  • BBC World News
  • be in sports
  • beIN SPORTS 4
  • beIN SPORTS 5
  • beIN SPORTS 6
  • beIN SPORTS 7
  • beIN SPORTS 8
  • beIN SPORTS in Spanish
  • CON
  • bet on her
  • BET jams
  • BET soul
  • Big Ten Network (and linear channels)
  • Bravo
  • CBS (emisora ​​local)
  • CBSN
  • Red deportes CBS
  • queso Cheddar
  • CMT
  • CNBC
  • CNBC-Welt
  • comedy central
  • Comet
  • Kochkanal
  • tv rows
  • destination america
  • discovery
  • canal disney
  • Discovery-Familia
  • junior disney
  • discovered life
  • Disney XD
  • network do it yourself
  • ¡MI!
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • ESPNews
  • Television star
  • food web
  • WALLET 4K (Beta)
  • fox business
  • fox news channel
  • fox sport 1
  • fox sport 2
  • freeform
  • Fubo Sports Network
  • Fubo Sports Network 2
  • fusible
  • special effects
  • FXM
  • FXX
  • For your information
  • galavision
  • game show network
  • ObterTV
  • GINX Esports-TV
  • golf channel
  • great american country
  • Hallmark-Canal
  • trademark drama
  • Featured Movies and Mysteries
  • HGTV
  • history channel
  • IFC
  • discovery research
  • Criminal Law and Trial Network
  • lifespan
  • LMN
  • location now
  • Logo
  • TV LX
  • Red MLB
  • motor trend
  • News
  • GMS+
  • message 2
  • GMS+ 2
  • mtv
  • Mtv 2
  • mtv classic
  • mtv live
  • MTVU
  • National Geography
  • wild national geo
  • NBA television
  • a B C
  • NBC News Now
  • Newsmax-TV
  • News
  • nfl roja
  • Red NHL
  • Nickelodeon
  • Junior Nick.
  • nick music
  • nicktoons
  • olympic channel
  • TER
  • oxygen
  • Red Pac-12
  • excellent network
  • People-TV
  • pop-tv
  • Revuelta TV
  • science channel
  • nido SEC
  • Smithsonian-Canal
  • sony movie channel
  • SportsNet
  • Estadio
  • Estadio 1
  • estadio 2
  • estadio 3
  • Sundance-TV
  • Syfy
  • a matter of taste
  • AdolescenteNick
  • Telemundo
  • tennis channel
  • TLC
  • o CW
  • the weather channel
  • travel channel
  • TUDNXtra 1
  • TUDNXtra 2
  • TUDNXtra 3
  • TUDNXtra 4
  • TUDNXtra 5
  • TUDNXtra 6
  • TUDNXtra 7
  • TUDNXtra 8
  • TUDNXtra 9
  • TUDNXtra 10
  • TUDNXtra 11
  • television
  • tv country
  • UniMas
  • universal children
  • universe
  • Unit
  • EU
  • VH1
  • Vista
  • we watch tv
  • Football field

Please note that some channels are only available in select markets. This includes networks with local affiliates like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Telemundo and Univision.

Does FuboTV have local channels?

FuboTV offers live local channelsfrom several major networks, including CBS, FOX, NBC, Telemundo and Univision. These local networks are available in most markets. It also has local channels ABC and The CW in select markets.

As of this writing, FuboTV offers local ABC channels in Chicago, Fresno-Visalia, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham, and San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose. For example, if you live in New York, your FuboTV channel lineup will include the ABC affiliate WABC channel. But those who live in Denver won't get KMGH as part of their FuboTV channel lineup.

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Additionally, FuboTV only offers The CW in select markets, including Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Seattle-Tacoma, and Tampa-St. Petersburg. So if you're in Tampa-St. Petersburg TV Market, get WTOG with your FuboTV subscription. But someone who lives in Palm Springs, California doesn't get KCWQ with FuboTV.

Does FuboTV offer sports?

FuboTV's program range includes a large selection of national and international sports programs. And these channels cover different categories of sports, from the big ones like baseball, basketball, and soccer to golf, hockey, soccer, and tennis.

big sports networks

You can follow major sports networks like the Big Ten Network, CBS Sports Network, ESPN and its linear channels, and FOX Sports 1 and 2. The service also broadcasts regional sports networks like AT&T SportsNet, MSG, MSG+, NBC Sports, and NESN in select markets. . While there are no regional FOX sports channels, this offering is still strong enough to satisfy the streaming needs of many soccer and basketball fans.

Special sports channels

It also has channels dedicated to specific sports like Golf Channel for golf, MLB Network for baseball,NBA TV for Baloncesto, NFL Network for soccer, NHL Network for hockey, and the Tennis Channel for tennis. This strong offer attracts many die-hard fans of certain sports categories.

football channels

More importantly, FuboTV's programming is what most attracts soccer fans. It has several channels where you can follow the events of the main national and international soccer leagues live. These include beIN SPORTS and TUDN along with their linear channels and Zona Fútbol.

Besides the fact that FuboTV is losing some regional networks, it still has one of the strongest lists in the world.sports channelscompared to other live TV streaming services.

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FuboTV Channel List 2022: What Channels Are On FuboTV? | Cable cutter news (2)

What plugins does FuboTV have?

To further complement the strong channel offering, FuboTV offers an impressive array of add-ons to customize your plan. This includes add-ons for channel packs and feature upgrades, as well as premium services.

Channel plugins include:

  • Aventura Plus ($4.99/month) –It comes with six channels focused on outdoor and extreme sports: Insight TV, MAVTV, Outdoor Channel, Outside TV, Sportsman Channel, and World Fishing Network.
  • Entertainment Plus ($4.99/month) –It comes with nine entertainment channels from Mexico, Spain and other countries: Antena 3, Bandamax, De Pelicula, De Pelicula Clasico, FOROtv, NTN24, Ritmoson, Telehit and Tlnovelas.
  • Fubo Cycling ($11.99/month) –It comes with Fubo Cycling and eight other sports channels: Eleven Sports, ESPN Deportes, FOX Deportes, FOX Soccer Plus, GOL TV English, GOL TV Spanish, TyC Sports and Zona Futbol.
  • Fubo Extra ($5.99/month) –It comes with 46 channels of entertainment, lifestyle and sports. This addon comes standard with a FuboTV Elite plan.
  • International Sports Plus ($6.99/month) –It comes with the same eight channels as the Fubo Cycling plugin. The only difference is that there is no Fubo Cycling channel.
  • Latin Plus ($19.99/month) –Contains 16 Spanish-language channels with a mix of entertainment, lifestyle, and sports.
  • Portugués Plus ($14.99/month) –It comes with two channels in Portuguese and GOL TV in Spanish.
  • RAI Italy ($7.99/month) –It includes coverage in Italian of big events like the Coppa Italia and Serie A.
  • Sports Plus con NFL RedZone ($10.99/mes) –Contains more than 20 sports-focused channels, including NFL RedZone, Pac-12 Network, Stadium, and more.
  • TV5MONDE ($9.99/mes) –It contains French-language coverage of live sporting events, as well as lifestyle shows, movies, and news shows.

AMC and SHOWTIME add-ons

In addition to these packages, you can also get premium channels like AMC Premiere and SHOWTIME for $4.99/month. or $10.99/mo. They offer ad-free access to hit movies and shows from both networks.

The AMC Premiere add-on will include features not available to regular AMC subscribers, such as: B. Offline viewing and exclusive content, as well as early access to some of their new episodes. On the other hand, the SHOWTIME plugin gives you access to live SHOWTIME channels and an extensive on-demand library.

DVR Addon

FuboTV also offers add-ons to upgrade some of the features available on your standard plan. The Cloud DVR 250 add-on is $9.99/mo. and offers up to 250 hours of storage. You can boost that up to 1,000 hours with the $16.99/month Cloud DVR 1000 add-on.

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Simultaneous Streaming Plugin

You can even get more simultaneous streams with Family Share plugins. With the regular Family Share plugin, you can get up to 3 simultaneous streams for an additional $5.99 a month. With the Family Share Max plugin, you can increase this up to 5 simultaneous streams for $9.99/month.

How do FuboTV channels compare to the competition?

Before deciding on a FuboTV subscription, it's worth finding out how the service stacks up against the competition. The main competitors include services such asHulu + Live TVmiSling-TV, both cost a little less, but have a smaller channel lineup. So let's find out how FuboTV stacks up against these competitors.

entertainment channels

When it comes to entertainment channels, FuboTV is on par with the competition. The service offers many of the top entertainment channels, including AMC, BBC America, Bravo, Comedy Central, and FX. It offers most of the entertainment and lifestyle channels.Sling-TV. And there are some areas where FuboTV outperforms Hulu + Live TV because the latter lacks channels like AMC and Comedy Central.

sports channels

When it comes to sports programming, FuboTV has one of the strongest channel lineups compared to the main competitors. Above all, it stands out from the competition thanks to its offer of international sports channels, among which are beIN SPORTS and TUDN. And it offers some of the best sports channels like the Big Ten Network, CBS Sports Network, ESPN, FOX Sports and more.

But easily falls behindHulu + Live TVin relation to the regional sports program. The Service does not offer regional FOX sports networks. But it still offers several regional sports channels from NBC Sports. You also get access to local sports channels like AT&T SportsNet, MSG and NESN in select markets.

news channels

When it comes to news channels, FuboTV is right up there with the competition. It gives you access to major news channels like ABC News Live, CBSN, Cheddar, and NBC News Now. And with the Fubo Extra plugin, you also get world news channels like BBC World News, CNBC World, and Newsy. But it's missing one big news channel: CNN, which is available with Hulu + Live TV and Sling.

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FuboTV Channel List 2022: What Channels Are On FuboTV? | Cable cutter news (3)

kids channels

Highlights FuboTVHulu + Live TVin terms of family programming. But your offer is equivalent to that ofSling-TV. The service offers all three Disney channels: Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD. And it even has all five Nickelodeon channels: Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Nick Music, Nicktoons, and TeenNick.

Please note that some of these Nickelodeon linear channels are only available through the Elite plan or the fubo Extra add-on. Other family channels include Discovery Family and Universal Kids.

valor total

Although not as accessible asSling-TV, the basicsPlano FuboTVit costs about the same as most live TV streaming services. The standard family plan costs $64.99/month, while Hulu + Live TV will cost you$54.99/mes. And the service is a much better value considering you get 110+ channels with the family plan.Hulu + Live TV only offers 65+.

the last cut

With an extensive channel lineup and impressive add-on options, FuboTV is one of the best live TV streaming services around. And it is particularly appealing to sports fans as it offers a strong lineup of channels to access major international games and events across different categories.

So consider signing up for aFuboTV Free Trialwhether the channel lineup meets your streaming needs. But be sure to visit ourFuboTV Device Compatibility Guideto see if you have everything you need to stream live games on the service.

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Does FUBO have news channels? ›

FuboTV holds up to the competition in terms of news channels. It gives you access to leading news channels such as ABC News Live, CBSN, Cheddar, and NBC News Now. And with the Fubo Extra add-on, you also get worldwide news channels such as BBC World News, CNBC World, and Newsy.

What channels are missing from fuboTV? ›

FuboTV offers an impressive starting lineup of over 120 sports, news, and entertainment channels, support for popular platforms, and dead-simple DVR functionality. That said, fuboTV lacks A&E channels, Bally Sports RSNs, and Turner channels, while most of its live streams top out at 720p.

What is the lineup for fuboTV? ›

FuboTV complete channels list
  • A&E.
  • ABC.
  • ABC News Live.
  • ACC Network.
  • AMC.
  • American Heroes Channel.
  • Animal Planet.
  • BBC America.
Jan 18, 2023

Does FUBO include Fox News? ›

Does fuboTV have channels like ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS? Yes, fuboTV has ABC*, CBS*, FOX* and NBC* as well as MTV, VH1, SHOWTIME, HGTV, MSNBC, SYFY, USA, Bravo, Food Network, E!, and Discovery Channel among others.

Is CNN news on fuboTV? ›

fuboTV (free 7-day trial) includes a package unlike many others. In one package you'll get over 100 channels. This includes CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, CBS, NBC, and FOX. You'll also have AMC, Discovery, USA, Syfy, beIN Sports, TNT, TBS, BBC America, and many other channels.

Does FUBO carry ESPN news? ›

fuboTV Adds ESPN & Disney Channels | fuboTV. 100+ live channels of sports, shows, movies and news now with ESPN and all your favorite Disney channels. Enjoy live NFL action all day Sunday. Plus, catch every primetime showdown on ESPN, NBC and more.

What TV channels no longer exist? ›

  • Access Television Network.
  • Al Jazeera America.
  • All News Channel.
  • Alpha Repertory Television Service.
  • America One.
  • America's Store.
  • America's Talking.
  • American Independent Network.

How do I get local news on Fubo? ›

fuboTV's local channels are navigated through the service's live TV guide, which offers the same functionality as viewers will be accustomed to with cable. They can scroll through live channels, see shows currently on air, and mark channels as favorites, which locks them to the top of the guide.

Why is there no ABC on Fubo? ›

The short answer is, the competition got it first. ABC is the property of Disney, who launched their streaming service recently. It makes sense for Disney to bundle everything they have on Disney+.

How do I search for channels on fuboTV? ›

How do I use Search?
  1. Enter a movie, show, team, or league name in the search field.
  2. As you type, we'll suggest matches based on what you've typed so far. Once you see the item you're searching for in the suggestions you can select it to generate results.
Dec 31, 2022

Does FUBO have an on screen guide? ›

Guide includes two screens to view content via our program Guide or by Network. Guide view shows you the schedule for all channels in your subscription. Scroll right to browse through your channels. Scroll down to see what's coming on later.

Does FUBO have ABC NBC and CBS? ›

Does fuboTV have channels like ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC? Yes, fuboTV has ABC*, CBS*, FOX* and NBC* as well as ESPN, MTV, VH1, SHOWTIME, HGTV, MSNBC, FX, USA, Comedy Central, Food Network, E!, Discovery Channel and Disney Channel among others. *Regional restrictions apply.

Is fuboTV worth the money? ›

While fuboTV's base price of $69.99 per month is on the high end of live TV streaming services, it may be worth the splurge for sports fans or anyone looking for extensive sports offerings alongside general entertainment and lifestyle channels.

Can I get live local channels on fuboTV? ›

Below are the Designated Market Areas (DMAs) currently receiving local ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, Telemundo, and Univision. If you are in a market in which your local station is not yet carried on fuboTV, network programming is available via Video On Demand or the network's TV Everywhere app(s).


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