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Welcome to our free IPTV links website! Now that you are here, you probably need a reliable IPTV source to watch your favorite channels. Congratulations! You have come to the right place!

Free IPTV Links and M3u Playlists in 2023

Until now, in 2023, you can watch Internet TV without buying a premium IPTV subscription. With our free service, you can download as many IPTV links and m3u playlists as you want. We publish tons of playlists and links every day, and we update every playlist or link that stops working every day. We work tirelessly to do all of this so you don't have to pay a dime!

But honestly, the paid IPTV is much better than the free one. This can be a painful truth, but it's true.

Why is Premium IPTV better?

In most cases, paid services are higher than free services, no matter what field or industry we are talking about. The IPTV industry is no exception, if you can call it that.

Premium IPTV service is number one, well managed, taken care of and therefore most reliable. As the customer pays for it, there is enough money to invest in improving its quality by purchasing the necessary equipment and tools to keep the channel at the lowest buffer percentage at all times.

Premium services can also host their dashboards on powerful servers that maintain resolution quality, adequate bandwidth and speed.

Another advantage of Premium is that you don't have to change your links or playlists every day. Purchased IPTV will continue to work for the duration of your subscription plan.

Therefore, if you have money in debt, we recommend investing in a premium IPTV subscription. If you want to buy IPTV plans, we have the best prices for you!

Best Premium IPTV Deals - Limited Time Only!

We challenge you to find a better deal than these! Best price, great service and great support!

For those who want a reliable and high quality IPTV service, we offer the best Premium IPTV in the entire market at the lowest price!

Free IPTV M3u Links Playlist [April 2023] - Free IPTV (1)

What is Internet TV?

The full name of IPTV is Internet Protocol Television, and its purpose is to stream TV content over the Internet via streaming protocols.

This puts IPTV in contrast to traditional cable or satellite television, which uses radio waves or satellite signals to stream TV programs, news, movies or series.

With IPTV, you can now watch your favorite TV shows, movies or games anytime, anywhere using your phone or tablet instead of using cable or satellite access to these traditionally provided audiovisual content.

IPTV is more than just TV on a smart mobile device. You can still watch TV shows on smart TVs or TV devices like computers and laptops.

It's also much cheaper than traditional TV, with some very expensive TV channel subscriptions!

Is free IPTV really reliable?

As we mentioned earlier, IPTV Premium is more and more reliable, better and always has an advantage over free IPTV.

However, if for some reason you cannot afford a premium subscription, you can still use IPTV for free and watch TV shows over the Internet. The quality and quantity of free IPTV content is relatively low; sometimes you may not find the channel you are looking for. So if you're ready to sacrifice some quality for the money, free IPTV is your best bet.

You may also face the problem of having to update your IPTV links or m3u playlists that you download every day. But this inconvenience can be overcome, that's why we launched this website.

Where can I find free IPTV?

The simple and direct answer is right here on this site! We say this not just because it's our platform, but mostly because it's true!

Free daily IPTV links and m3u playlists

Here we publish free m3u IPTV playlists and links daily and any visitor can download it via direct link. We do our best to check all links and playlists to remove outdated ones. We are constantly adding new content whenever old content becomes obsolete or expired, or when we have new links with better quality and content.

Different categories of IPTV channels

Our website hosts a wide range of free IPTV content covering almost all TV channels in the world. We also offer a variety of TV categories, from TV news channels and live sports to movies and series.

The site is divided into several sections, which you can access via the top menu bar. Find the IPTV link URL,sports channel, movies and series like VoD, and most TVs from different countries around the world.

For IPTV Asia and South America, just download IPTV Asia or IPTV Latinos and find what you are looking for.

Supports all devices

Our free IPTV works on all devices that can stream IPTV technology. If you own a smart TV, laptop, TV box, smartphone or tablet, we've got you covered.

The IPTV m3u links and playlists we publish not only work with the above devices, but also with any app or software that can run IPTV.

Free IPTV supports:

  • Smart TVs: all series and brands
  • Kodi devices and Fire Sticks
  • Smartphones e Tablets: Android, iOS, iPad, Windows
  • Computers and Notebooks: Windows, Mac, Linux...
  • other devices
  • Compatible Apps

Any app or software that can stream IPTV is a good choice to run our free IPTV playlist. This depends a lot on your application, but mostapplicationThe following login details are required:

Xtream code– These are the three login details your IPTV provider gives you when you purchase the service. Xtream code consists of username, password and host or URL. Once you fill in all these details in your app, you will be connected to the relevant IPTV service. Another way is to get Xtream code from any IPTV link or m3u list. See how to convert m3u links to Xtream code.
link/lista M3u: This link can be entered directly in the specified case. Here you have two options: use as IPTV link or download as m3u file. To download IPTV link as M3u file, just copy the link and paste it into any browser and it will start downloading automatically.
Magazine: this is where you connect to the IPTV server via your device's Mac address. In this option, fill in your mac address and the Portal link that your provider will provide you with. This option is not available for free IPTV.

VPN protection

It is highly recommended that you use a VPN service when using IPTV, especially free IPTV services.

More benefits of using a VPN

  • Hide your IP address, nobody should be able to identify your real IP
  • Unblock content that some media services block for certain countries. One example is that you can access US Netflix even if you don't live in the US.
  • Protect yourself from hackers. So who hacks into your device when it doesn't even notice your virtual activity?

Two industry VPN leaders

Of all the VPN services out there, I recommend two that are almost equally good:Norte VPNsimExpress VPN.

They have great servers around the world and a great support team.

NordVPN keeps absolutely no logs, while ExpressVPN keeps a negligible log history that won't compromise your privacy or get you into legal trouble.

Huge discounts starting at $3 per month!

Norte VPN:
12 month plan: $ 4,92
2 year plan: $ 3,30

Express VPN:
6 month plan: $ 9,99
15 month plan: $ 6,67

(Video) How to get FREE IPTV with 100's of channels on ANY device #2

How to Setup IPTV on Any Device: The Ultimate Guide

Now you know what free IPTV is and how to get free IPTV. We also explain the difference between free and paid IPTV services. Now let's see how to configure IPTV on our device and start watching. This is probably the most important step before joy!

If you don't know how to configure IPTV, don't worry! We will cover each and every step in this guide.
Best IPTV Apps and Software to Run M3u IPTV Links

To view the IPTV list available on our website, download the free IPTV application and install it on your device. There are many free IPTV apps and almost all of them are great. But we recommend the following apps and software. Each application or software has its advantages and disadvantages described in detail so that you can decide which one is best for your needs.

Note that some of these apps are better suited for certain devices, especially the free versions.

The easiest way...but

The easiest and most common way to use IPTV is to install VLC media player. It's free, reliable and easy to use.

However, VLC is only useful if you intend to run IPTV on your computer. VLC also has a mobile version for mobile devices, but it's not as good as the free mobile apps out there.

Another disadvantage of VLC is that it cannot play large IPTV links or m3u lists. If the list is larger than 1MB then VLC will not run it.

See tooHow to configure IPTV in VLC.

How to setup IPTV link and m3u playlist on Samsung and LG Smart TV?

Here is a complete guide to help you set up a free IPTV server on your Smart TV.
Please note that these guidelines are for Samsung and LG Smart TVs as the process may be different for other brands.

  1. First, download the Smart TV app from the Smart TV app store.
  2. Follow the setup wizard to install the Smart TV app and launch it. (You'll see a message on your screen that you only have a 7-day free trial, and you must purchase the app for €5.49 to get a lifetime license.)
  3. Find your MAC address on the right side of the screen - make a note of it as you will need it in the next step.
  4. Go to
  5. Enter your MAC address in the field provided (MAC).
  6. Upload your m3u or m3u8 playlist file in the "File: select a file" field or if you have an IPTV URL link, paste the link in the "URL" field.

How to set up free IPTV on Kodi?

Follow the steps below to set up an IPTV link or m3u list on Kodi:

  1. From the Kodi home screen, go to Addons, My Addons and select PVR. 2. Click PVR IPTV Simple Client and click Configure 3. In the M3U Playlist URL, paste the playlist link and click OK.
    If you have activated the Simple PVR IPTV Client, it should update and show the loaded IPTV channels in the top right corner.
    If PVR IPTV Simple Client is disabled, click Enable button.
  2. Back on the Kodi home screen, click on TV to launch your M3U playlist and view the loaded live IPTV channels.

Configure iptv on iPhone iPad and Apple TV

The Wisdom of IPTV Pro

This is probably the best app for streaming IPTV on smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS). IPTV Smarters Pro comes with a refined interface that combines a modern design with a simple and effective user experience.

If you are using an Android smartphone or tablet, go to the Google Play Store and search for "Smarters Player Lite". It's free and works like IPTV Smarters Pro.

Install the app, select a mobile device and click Continue to agree to the app's terms of use.

After that, just click on Add New User.

Free IPTV M3u Links Playlist [April 2023] - Free IPTV (2)

The above image shows the main page after selecting "ADD USER".

App can use IPTV link url, you just need to input any name in case of playlist name then IPTV m3u link taken from your IPTV provider if you buy subscription or if you use it for free, here we get:

In the first option "Upload your playlist or file/URL", click on it:

Free IPTV M3u Links Playlist [April 2023] - Free IPTV (3)

As you can see from the above screen, you can load m3u/m3u8 playlist or use "M3u URL" by filling m3u link. Finally, just press the "Add User" button and the list will load.

The second option on the left, "Sign in with XTREAM Code API", is where you enter the obtained Xtream code. Xtream code is basically username, password and host or URL (just a link to an extension point.

Free IPTV M3u Links Playlist [April 2023] - Free IPTV (4)


  1. Access the App Store and install the GSE SMART IPTV PRO application
  2. Open the settings menu
  3. Click Remote Playlist.
  4. Click the + button and select the Add M3U URL option.
  5. Enter a name (eg TV) in the Playlist Name field and delete all existing data and all spaces in the Playlist Link field, then enter a URL address that you own.

VLC for Android.

  1. I am Google Play Store
  2. downloadDuplicador VLC Android.
  3. Open Install VLC Android App
  4. Find your m3u or m3u8 playlist file and click play; a popup will appear asking which application to use to run the file. Choose VLC for Android.

to use:If the popup doesn't appear and the playlist automatically opens in the default app that normally reads media files on the device, consider editing your device settings to set VLC as the default app. See how to do it:

Go to your device settings.

Access the application manager.

Find the default app you want to replace with the VLC app and click on it.

(Video) FREE Live tv on Firestick - IPTV with 100+ Channels

Click Clear Defaults.

Set VLC for Android as your default app.

IPTV Extrema

  1. downloadIPTV Extreme da Google Play Store;
  2. install applications on your device;
  3. Find your playlist file and click play; a popup will appear asking which application to use to run the file. Choose Supreme IPTV.

See also how to configure IPTV in VLC.

How to convert M3U LINK to XTREAM code?

Getting Xtream codes from IPTV links or m3u lists is very easy. The following example will help to illustrate the whole simple process:

Suppose we have an IPTV link like this:

To get the Xtream code we copy the host i.e.


We copy for domain extensions and posts (if present). A general rule of thumb is to copy to the first slash (/).

Then we copy and paste the username. The username is everything after "get.php?username=" and before the first "&". We have :

Username: UserTest

Same as password, everything after "password=" and before the second &:

password: match

So our Xtream code will look like this:

  • host:
  • user name:user test
  • password:adjust

Now just go to your app and enter your login details and bam, you are connected to the server!

Free IPTV Link Download URL

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